OpenTelemetry OTLP Exporters

This library allows to export tracing data to an OTLP collector.


The OTLP Span Exporter allows to export OpenTelemetry traces to the OTLP collector.

You can configure the exporter with the following environment variables:

from opentelemetry import trace
from opentelemetry.exporter.otlp.proto.grpc.trace_exporter import OTLPSpanExporter
from opentelemetry.sdk.resources import Resource
from opentelemetry.sdk.trace import TracerProvider
from opentelemetry.sdk.trace.export import BatchSpanProcessor

# Resource can be required for some backends, e.g. Jaeger
# If resource wouldn't be set - traces wouldn't appears in Jaeger
resource = Resource(attributes={
    "": "service"

tracer = trace.get_tracer(__name__)

otlp_exporter = OTLPSpanExporter(endpoint="http://localhost:4317", insecure=True)

span_processor = BatchSpanProcessor(otlp_exporter)


with tracer.start_as_current_span("foo"):
    print("Hello world!")