opentelemetry.ext.asgi package

Module contents

The opentelemetry-ext-asgi package provides an ASGI middleware that can be used on any ASGI framework (such as Django-channels / Quart) to track requests timing through OpenTelemetry.

opentelemetry.ext.asgi.get_header_from_scope(scope, header_name)[source]

Retrieve a HTTP header value from the ASGI scope.

Return type



A list with a single string with the header value if it exists, else an empty list.

opentelemetry.ext.asgi.http_status_to_canonical_code(code, allow_redirect=True)[source]

Collects HTTP request attributes from the ASGI scope and returns a dictionary to be used as span creation attributes.

opentelemetry.ext.asgi.set_status_code(span, status_code)[source]

Adds HTTP response attributes to span using the status_code argument.


Default implementation for name_callback

class opentelemetry.ext.asgi.OpenTelemetryMiddleware(app, name_callback=None)[source]

Bases: object

The ASGI application middleware.

This class is an ASGI middleware that starts and annotates spans for any requests it is invoked with.

  • app – The ASGI application callable to forward requests to.

  • name_callback – Callback which calculates a generic span name for an incoming HTTP request based on the ASGI scope. Optional: Defaults to get_default_span_name.