OpenTelemetry Prometheus Exporter


This library allows to export metrics data to Prometheus.


pip install opentelemetry-ext-prometheus


The OpenTelemetry Prometheus Exporter allows to export OpenTelemetry metrics to Prometheus.

from opentelemetry import metrics
from opentelemetry.ext.prometheus import PrometheusMetricsExporter
from opentelemetry.sdk.metrics import Counter, MeterProvider
from opentelemetry.sdk.metrics.export.controller import PushController
from prometheus_client import start_http_server

# Start Prometheus client
start_http_server(port=8000, addr="localhost")

# Meter is responsible for creating and recording metrics
meter = metrics.meter()
# exporter to export metrics to Prometheus
prefix = "MyAppPrefix"
exporter = PrometheusMetricsExporter(prefix)
# controller collects metrics created from meter and exports it via the
# exporter every interval
controller = PushController(meter, exporter, 5)

counter = meter.create_metric(
    "number of requests",

# Labelsets are used to identify key-values that are associated with a specific
# metric that you want to record. These are useful for pre-aggregation and can
# be used to store custom dimensions pertaining to a metric
label_set = meter.get_label_set({"environment": "staging"})

counter.add(25, label_set)
input("Press any key to exit...")

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